Take part in our survey on online hate speech

SELMA survey on online hate speech
Are you a teacher or a young person aged 13-18? Then we would like to invite you to answer our survey on online hate speech. This survey will help us understand better what online hate speech is, and how young people and teachers can respond to it. It is part of the SELMA research programme which is setting the ground for our education Toolkit.

Young people's (13-18) survey

This questionnaire of about 15-20 minutes aims to capture young people's views and experiences of online hate speech. We ask questions about hate speech messages addressed at you or your friends, or examples you may just have come across when being online. We also collect your ideas on how best to tackle these kind of hate speech situations.

The survey is available in several languages, so you can answer it in the language you feel more comfortable with:

All the answers are anonymous, which means that we are not able to identify who you are through your answers.

Teachers' survey

This questionnaire of around 10 minutes aims to capture the educator's point of view on the topic. You will respond to questions about online hate speech situations that your students might have encountered, while sharing your views on possible pedagogical approaches to the problem.

The questionnaire is available in four different languages, so you can fill it in in your preferred language:

As in the young people's survey, all the answers are anonymous, which means that we are not able to identify who you are.

Both the youth and teacher questionnaires will be open until October for any person interested in answering. Results will be integrated into a public research report to be published by the end of 2018.

If you would like to learn more about this research or help us to make the survey available in your own language, please contact us at info@hackinghate.eu.