• Take part in our survey on online hate speech

    SELMA survey on online hate speech

    Are you a teacher or a young person aged 13-18? Then we would like to invite you to answer our survey on online hate speech. This survey will help us understand better what online hate speech is, and how young people and teachers can respond to it. It is part of the SELMA research programme which is setting the ground for our education Toolkit.

  • Building an evidence base

    What is online hate speech? Why does it thrive in an online environment, on social media and in videogames? How can children and young people be empowered to respond? To answer these questions, a comprehensive research programme has been put in place as part of the SELMA project.

  • Let’s hack hate together! Participate in the SELMA “Hacking Hate” hackathon 2018 in Berlin


    As part of the SELMA project, we are organising a "Hacking Hate" hackathon in Berlin on 5 and 6 December 2018. The hackathon will bring together young people, teachers, parents, and other professionals and carers to work on innovative (tech) tools and solutions to "hack" online hate speech.

  • Towards a SELMA Toolkit

    The SELMA toolkit

    SELMA builds upon a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach to empower young people to become agents of change; it will help them to better understand the phenomenon of online hate; it will provide them with tools and strategies to act and make a difference.

  • The SELMA approach

    The SELMA approach

    Online hate speech is a growing problem. People often experience the internet to be a hostile space. Hateful messages are increasingly common on social media. To complement existing initiatives to regulate, monitor or report online hate speech, a more pro-active answer is clearly needed.